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Money Manager

CDO Markets offer qualifying established individuals, brokers, asset managers and financial institutions access to two separate money manager solutions:

1. MAM Accounts (Meta Trader 4 or CDO Prodigy) Multi Account Manager (MAM)
  • EA support – Scalping Allowed (Based on account type)
  • Meta Trader MAM
  • Lot Allocation
  • Percent Allocation
  • Proportional by Balance
  • Proportional by Equity
  • Equity Percent Allocation
  • Prodigy MAM solution allows trading with the following allocation methods
  • Proportional by Equity
2. PAMM Accounts (Meta Trader 4) In addition to MAM solution, the PAMM platform allows different lot allocation types including
  • Predefined volume
  • Total volume for each order
  • Equal parts
  • On equity ratio
  • On free margin ratio

Introducing Broker

At CDO Markets we value our relationships strongly and we value our dedicated partners. Our experienced team is here to assist introducing brokers with growing their financial markets business. With our deep understanding on the essentials of the financial market industry world, we aim to enhance the effectiveness of our partners so that we can grow together. We strongly understand our partners’ needs and goals and aim to assist in helping them achieve their targets.

IB’s receive rebates when their customers close trades. As an IB CDO Markets will provide you with:
  • A competitive payment structure
  • Rebates based on a proportion of commission or spread
  • Your own dedicated account management team
  • Full access to our support team for you and your customers
  • Multilingual support
  • Transparent, real time reporting
  • The possibility to earn from over 100 different markets

To learn more about our competitive IB offering please contact support@cdomarkets.com

Become an IB

White Label Partner

When you partner with us, you benefit from not only a market-leading technology that comes with full hosting and IT services, but also a provider with the financial resources to deliver flexible account structures and funding.

With our White Label Partner solution you will have access to;
  • Global market access
  • Competitive and reliable pricing
  • Customisable commissions & spreads
  • Professional multi award-winning platform and apps
  • Develop and manage your business in real-time
  • Scalable on-boarding and admin tools

Bridge Broker

Broker Bridge Solutions

The Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol is a technical specification for electronic communication of financial data that is a globally accepted standard of messaging specifications. For more information and supporting materials on the FIX protocol, please refer to the FPL website, http://www.fixprotocol.org. .
CDO Markets uses a FIX server with a custom message processor in order to distribute prices and receive FX trades as well as Spot Bullion Trades. It is a high speed system providing traders 24 hour access to streaming executable prices.
Main Features:

  • Receiving streaming tradable prices
  • Sending Orders
  • Retreiving executions reports
  • Cancelling/Replacing working orders
  • Requesting open and closed positions
  • Requesting account values

How to Apply: API solutions is to integrate several liquidity providers. The tool has been designed to meet the diverse implementation needs for various of applications. For API system implementation, it is expected the client to have a basic IT knowlegde or that the client can get consulting services for integration.
Contact US: It is easy to apply for an FIX API, please email us at operations@cdomarkets.com and our friendly API Specialist will get back to you within 24 hours.
When emailing, please provide the following information.

  • Client E-mail
  • Company phone number
  • Full name
  • NDA should be filled by the clients
  • We require 200 million + USD notional monthly volume OR We charge up to 2000 USD for the use of API service

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